3 Oct-28 Nov 2019 Lille (France)

Support for young researchers 2020


One of the ambitions of the I-SITE ULNE project is to support and structure research among its founding members[1]. To achieve this challenge, the goal of the present call is to provide young, permanent researchers with funding for a post-doctoral recruitment in order to strengthen their research project.


Eligibility criteria

Who can submit?

The call is open to young, permanent researchers of I-SITE ULNE founding members1. A “young researcher” is a researcher who has had a permanent position for a maximum of 5 years. In case of maternity leave, the 5 years duration is extended for the duration of the maternity leave (1 year for each maternity leave).

Project coordinators who have an unfinished I-SITE ULNE project are not eligible to this call.

All disciplines are eligible, in or outside of the thematic hubs.

However, special attention will be given to projects fitting within the flagship projects of I-SITE ULNE described in annex 1.

How to apply?

     Applicants will submit a research project of maximum 5 pages (references included) on the dedicated platform using the dedicated template (available on the platform under the section “my submitted projects”)

     Projects must be submitted in English.

     Head of laboratory and head of managing institution must approve the project.

     The projects must be of excellent scientific quality and highlight the benefits of the post-doctoral recruitment on the research proposal.

Evaluation Grid

 About the post-doctoral recruitment

All projects must include a post-doctoral recruitment lasting from 18 to 24 months. Projects can also include operational costs. It is not required to know in advance who the post-doctoral fellow will be.

Please keep in mind that all operational expenditures must be realized before 31 December 2021. Staff costs will not be eligible after 24 September 2022.



Allocated resources:

I-SITE ULNE will fund up to 10 projects of maximum €110,000 each.


Selection Process:


-          All eligibility criteria mentioned in the previous section must be respected;

-          Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by external reviewers chosen independently by the European Science Foundation;

-          An external jury will select up to 10 projects in March 2020.



Deadline for submission: November 28, 2019 – 11:59pm GMT+1

Estimated announcement of the results: April  2020


Help desk:  scheherazade.boudaoud@isite-ulne.fr

[1] Université de Lille, Centrale Lille, ENSAIT, ENSCL, IMT Lille-Douai, Sciences Po Lille, ESJ, ENSAPL, ENSAM- Campus de Lille, CNRS, INSERM, INRIA, CHU de Lille, Institut Pasteur de Lille

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